Mixed media installation & performance: performers, upright piano, cassette tape, portable cassette tape player
Variable Dimensions

HRM Open Projects
Point Pleasant Park, Halifax NS
August 23—September 30, 2011
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Performers: Sageev Oore (piano), Tim Crofts (piano), Laura Peek (piano), Rich Aucoin (piano), Eleanor King (piano), Ronnie Cooper (Gatekeeper)

Parchetypes was a performance installation that took place in Halifax's Point Pleasant Park. The work interpretatively portrayed two mythical and obscure musical figures, the Anonymous Bagpiper & the Gatekeeper, synonymous with the contemporary culture of the park. An upright piano was left in the woods of the park to depict the Anonymous Bagpiper and piano performances were held throughout August 2011. A cassette tape of the piano performance recordings was made and played back on a portable cassette player at the entrance of the park by the Gatekeeper throughout September 2011.​

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