Liberation Snare
Mixed media installation & performance: Percussionists, drum sticks, musical score, notebook, metronome, midi sensor, audio mixer, speakers, wireless transmission device
Variable dimensions

Over the Hill: Performance Series
Presented by Eyelevel Gallery
Halifax Citadel
September 24—27, 2014
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Drummers & Co-composers: Clare Macdonald & Jen Yakamovich
Audio Technician: Joel Waddell

Liberation Snare investigated the Halifax Citadel’s military past and mythology as a WWI internment facility for prisoners of war. A 1918 letter by Leon Trotsky to Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, detailing his experience during internment in Nova Scotia, was translated into a Morse code based score, referencing the telegraphic communication Trotsky alleges he was denied. Performed on a midi sensor hidden inside of a notebook, the drummers' percussive snare sounds became a code for resistance, amplified and carried throughout the site. 

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