Brutalist Song III - The Conversation
Concrete, plywood, styrofoam, steel, cassette tapes (180 minutes)
236.2 x 256.5 x 114.3 cm (93 x 101 x 45 inches)

What Use Are Flowers?
Voorhees Mall, Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ
May 4—October 1, 2019
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Made possible with the support of the Rutgers University MFA public sculpture seminar (Spring 2019) lead by Patrick Strzelec and Ohad Meromi.

Brutalist Song III - The Conversation strives to investigate, translate and re-imagine connections between the material, aesthetic, and socio-political history of Brutalist architecture and music. The piece is an extension of — and in dialogue with — an ongoing project initiated in 2014 entitled Brutalist Songs.
Brutalist Song I - Confederation Centre of the Arts (2014) and Brutalist Song II - Killam Memorial Library Building (2016) attempted to reinterpret and convey the historically concrete and constructed austere physical records of their respective Brutalist buildings by composing original “songs” from and for the aforementioned buildings through the emotive and ephemeral medium of music (organized sound) and related art objects.
Inversely, Brutalist Song III re-materializes the protective containers of musical instruments. Instruments that potentially perform the musical translation of a future Brutalist building.​

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