Brutalist Song II - Killam Memorial Library Building
Mixed media installation and performance: musical ensemble, recorded audio, silk chiffon banners, musical composition, kinetic sound sculptures (each sculpture: faux rock, turnstile, microphone casings, ultrasonic sensors, microcontrollers, effects pedals, audio cords, speakers, mic stands)
Variable dimensions

Killam Memorial Library, Dalhousie University, Halifax NS
May 8, 2016​

Musical composer: Ryan Veltmeyer
Musicians: Rick Waychesko (trumpet), Michelle Footz (trumpet), Paul St. Amand (trumpet), Lindsay McVicar (trumpet), Nick Veltmeyer (electric organ), Andrew Jackson (trombone), Danny Martin (trombone), Dan Corbett (trombone), Martha Kelly (trombone), Ryan Veltmeyer (trombone)
Audio production: Joel Waddell
Electronics technician: Jesse Mitchell

Made possible with generous support from Arts Nova Scotia, HRM Open Projects, and the Killam Library Artist-In-Residency Program

Special thanks to Marlo MacKay (Communications Coordinator/Media Contact, Killam Memorial Library, Dalhousie University)

Brutalist Song II - Killam Memorial Library Building is the second iteration in an ongoing series of projects that attempt to reinterpret and convey the historically concrete and constructed austere physical records of Brutalist structures through music and related art objects.

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